Alan Hortz

Alan's Talk: From Scrum Master to Cyborg. Refactor your comfort zone!

November 2017, Alan Hortz took an unusual decision, tinkering with a new artificial sensory organ attached to his chest with two titanium bars that sit just under the skin. This electronic exo-sense made by Cyborg Nest is called “The North Sense” and vibrates when the user faces north. Despite its apparent simplicity, the whole point here is about having a sense instead of a tool, always-on, giving a steady stream of information to the brain, adding a new layer to the perception of the reality and to the experience of it. His Agile mindset and experience led him to work with Cyborg Nest to influence the way those technologies will serve humanity for the best.

It's a long shot from the role of Scrum Master but the two are intimately linked together. The common thread ? The comfort zone ! Don't be confused Agile is *just* a belief-system and the most important element is YOU, not your colleagues, not your Boss, not the user, not the processes, not the technology.

You are a wonderful adaptation machine aiming to evolve towards the best version of yourself in order to have an impact on the world. Alan will dissect with you the pragmatic strategy he applied to refactor his own confort zone to really embrace the only constant in our common history, the CHANGE.

If you seek for concrete techniques to evolve in your Agile journey and leading others by your very own example, seek no more, this talk is for you.