Angela Cardoso

Creator of new narratives by elevating curiosity to design a more hospitable future. Passionate about empowering individuals and organisations. With several years of experience in different industries - civil aviation, banking, cultural & creative, healthcare, telecommunications - she looks for opportunities to experiment and to use her knowledge and skills in new contexts. Her focus is to help organisations to deliver value and to transform work into a cultural and educational experience.

Angela's Talk: Rage Against the Machine: the course of Agile

“They use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do (…) And you do what they told ya”. Zach de la Rocha, vocalist of Rage Against the Machine

What has been the (hi)story between ideas, technology and organisations in the past decades? What events have brought us to where we are? I invite you to collectively reflect on how Agile portrays an emergent reality and change in the nature of rationality, the dynamics of innovation and the need of diversity.

And what lies in the future ahead? Will Agile beat the “machine”? What can be thought to embed Agile in organisations?

Using the structure of the Heart of Agile - Deliver, Collaborate, Reflect & Improve - I propose uncommon narratives outside the Business world we can be inspired by in order to move forward. Bring your hobbies, your passions and all the things you do from 5pm to 9am that make you feel more alive.