Antonio Cobo

Antonio is a Delivery Manager for BJSS. Antonio comes from a technical background with experience in Spain, France and United Kingdom, where he acts as the bridge between the business and the development teams in order to maximize results and customer satisfaction. Antonio is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner. Antonio is passionate about creating and implementing the best solution while continually seeking to improve work methodologies. Sharing his experience with others is his real passion.

Antonio's Talk: Discovering Agnostic Agile

Since the introduction of Agile, a lot of companies have tried to impose the same framework at a big scale without suiting the framework to customer context and to a wider strategic vision. Agile has never been about frameworks or locking your customers into one way of doing things. I’m tired of certifications wars and frameworks wars, let’s focus on our customers!

I will show examples of bad Agile practices and why Agnostic Agile is needed – One size does not fit all! I will introduce Agnostic Agile and review its twelve principles, citing real life examples for each.

Agile is not the final goal, it is only the mean to reach the real goal.