Artur Margonari

Artur Margonari is passionate about Agile, which he also applies daily in his personal life. He works as Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator at Wemanity Belgium and has more than 5 years experience in practicing and helping organizations to be more Agile, to form high-performance teams and to deliver great products. He is board member of the Agile Consortium Belgium, a non-profit organization that offers an independent platform where Agile knowledge is created and shared.

One of his favorite quotes, which represents big part of his essence: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi.

Hobbies & passions: guitar, ukulele & harmonica, accelerated learning, archery, beer tasting, martial arts and traveling.

Artur and Frederik's Workshop: Emergent wisdom from individuals and their interactions.

How can we use the collective intelligence and experience to solve our problems in a mutual and collaborative way? What are the tools, practices and formats of sessions that foster this knowledge sharing and co-creation? What’s the difference between facilitating and hosting? How can we use it for small, medium and big groups? We, the session organisers, are mere facilitators and hosts. We will be using different techniques in this session, (and each technique we will shortly debrief so you know how and to use it.)… and we will debrief about each technique and discuss where and how to use it.