Bruno Sbille

Bruno is a Coach, Trainer and Therapist.

Passionate about what can bring meaning to the world (professional or not), he likes to use Agile methods to achieve this goal.

He also likes everything related to new organizational models, such as the Reinventing organizations, happiness at work etc …

He is also passionate about personal development and organizes seminars and workshops on this topic.

Bruno's Talk: My 10 Years of Agile

In 2007 someone told me about Scrum … and there I fell in love with it. Scrum, Agile it looked so good, full of meaning, why no one had told me about it before!?

But I was still skeptical … was it really possible? Or was it just a beautiful, utopian philosophical idea?

In 2008 I was on a project that was going wrong … I proposed to use Scrum to my manager and he agreed. We were lucky that the project was a success. Since then my life has rocked, I devoted myself to Agile methods.

Since 10 years I accompany customers from all sectors. I help them to put these methods in place through coaching and training.

During these experiences I was able to observe some recurring problems for organizations, good practices, creative ways to solve problems, things that worked before but do not work anymore etc …

The purpose of this session is to make a feedback of my 10 years of Agility and offer you a series of tools and avenues of reflection that can serve you in your Agile transformation.