Charles-Louis de Maere

As an Agile coach, Charles-Louis enjoys coaching teams through their Agile journey. Pragmatic by nature, he avoids dogmatisms and he’d rather find solutions that are adapted to the environment instead of imposing his views. Curious by nature, he loves traveling and meeting new people during meetups, events, while giving training or on vacation with his family.

Charles-Louis's Talk: Why is agile important?

Where initially, there were people from the software development world talking about agile software development, nowadays Agile has become a noun and is being sold or “implemented” in a lot of different contexts.

Why is agile so important? What makes it so relevant in today’s world? Let’s explore this together in this interactive session. Whether you have been part of the agile community for years or don’t know anything about it, we will explore the successes and pitfalls of agile organisations, and what it actually means to work together.