Derek Mahlitz

Derek Mahlitz is a practicing Scrum Master at Fidelity Investments. He’s been involved in developing software since 1995 in various roles including as QA Engineer, Project Manager and Scrum Master. He’s found a “home” with Scrum and agile since 2007.

Derek has a passion for working software while coaching his squads to adopt practices to delight their customers. He also seeks out opportunities to be a champion of Scrum and agile values within his organization as well as mentoring other Scrum Masters. He works toward continuously improving his own skills by attending local user groups, reading books and blogs from industry experts.

Derek's Talk: The Almighty Sprint Goal

How many times has your team crafted a goal for your sprint in the last minute of planning or maybe the Scrum Master or Product Owner writes it later > “Get all the stories in the sprint done”.

The Sprint goal is at the heart of the scrum guide yet many teams pay little to no attention. Teams think it’s too hard or don’t understand the ‘why’ behind the sprint goal. The Sprint goal should permeate through the scrum ceremonies from backlog refinement to daily stand-ups. What if you crafted your goals starting in refinement sessions for the next sprint then in sprint planning it’s a chance to review for the plan. How about reviewing the goals every day in stand up and don’t be shy to ask if we’re working on the right things to achieve the goal and to pivot the team if needed. Does all this sound like a fairy tale? Come hear how it can be a reality and learn some new techniques and tools to help you rock the Sprint Goal.