Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive at the venue?

Between 8:15 and 8:30 should be fine. Just enough time to get your badge, grab some pastries, have a coffee and go to the introduction at 8:45!

What is the address of the venue?

EPHEC - Avenue Konrad Adenauer, 3 - 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert (Brussels) - Belgium

Which is the nearest train/metro station?

The metro station Alma (line 1) is a 6 minutes walk away from the Ephec.

You can plan your trip with Brussels' public transportation: STIB

Where can I park?

This is a student area. Parking on the streets is possible and should be ok on that day as most students don't have any lessons this week. However, just like for the rest of Brussels, you will still need to put your blue 'disk' and update it every 2 hours. Obviously, coming by public transportation will be much easier.

Here's a map of parking zones, blue zones are the ones where you may stay maximum 2h and have a blue disk to show it.

What should I bring?

You energy, open mind, enthusiasm and willing to learn new things! :)

As a sponsor, can I give a talk?

The only way to give a talk is to submit it through our call for papers and be selected by the Agile Tour Brussels committee.

Being a sponsor does not influence the selection.

What are the main themes of the conference?

The Agile Tour Brussels strives to keep a balance between organizational and technical talks. Presentations and workshops are welcomed.

I'm a developer, should I bring my laptop?

Several talks and workshops are targeted mainly at people who can code. However, most of them are accessible for anybody interested in watching. All needed material will be provided.