Joe Scholz & Eric Schultz

Joe’s professional journey has been winding. From a Teacher to playing basketball in Spain, from a Call Center to a Cafe, and from Tester to Agile Delivery Lead, he has had many roles over the years. Joe has been in IT for over 7 years, spending the past 4 plus years helping Teams improve and deliver results.

Eric is a Senior Software Engineer at Capital One. His role is focused on cloud engineering and compliance while improving the developer experience. Eric has experience with several cloud platforms and managing enterprise workloads.

Joe & Eric's Talk: At the Crossroads of Agile and Automation

Cloud security and compliance is becoming more and more relevant and necessary, but there is a right way and a wrong way to approach these efforts. The wrong way is manual tracking and validation and so many spreadsheets that your eyes hurt. The right way is automation and a single-source of truth that is easily understood. We designed this presentation to show how automation can make workflow tools such as Jira even more valuable and self-managing for not only compliance, but anything that references an API. Attendees will learn efficient and steam-lined approaches to building a relevant backlog of work. Following our path through Problem, Approach, and Success, attendees will understand how to go from analog to automated.