Michael Sahota
Audree Tara Sahota

Michael K Sahota, CEC, is a Thought Leader, Author, Trainer and Speaker in the Agile Industry.

Michael is the founder and CEO of SHIFT314 Inc: a next-generation conscious training & consulting firm that specializes in Culture, Organizational Evolution and Evolutionary Leadership.
He has developed a unique IP to unlock success with Agile, Digital, Lean, and other new ways of working.

Audree Tara Sahota, B.Msc, Co-Founder of SHIFT314 Inc and founder of Evolutionary Energetics Inc. A corporate shaman dedicated to shifting mindset and consciousness for high performance through developing Evolutionary Leadership and Organizational Evolution programs that accelerate human potential.
Audree trains worldwide with her husband Michael K. Sahota. She holds a CSM designation through the Scrum Alliance, a bachelors in Metaphysical Science, spiritual counseling and professional coaching. She has functioned as a healer on a medical team, radio show host, and is an author of several published books and meditation practices. Since 2013 Audree has received advanced initiations in India for shifting consciousness