Molood Ceccarelli

Molood Ceccarelli is a remote work expert and agile coach. Her work has been published in places such as Forbes, Huffington Post and as well as Scrum Alliance, Happy Melly and Shiftup. She is often referred to as the queen of remote work.

She is the CEO and founder of Remote Forever where she helps distributed companies adopt agile ways of working and helps agile companies to embrace remote work. Remote Forever also offers online courses, workshops for remote leadership and online facilitation of remote events.

Molood has a background in computer security and software development, a passion for agile coaching and human psychology and a love of traveling and working remotely.

She is also the founder and host of the famous Remote Forever Summit, the first and by far biggest online summit about distributed agile that attracts over 10k attendees from around the world.

Molood and her team at Remote Forever have been the driving force behind the agile adoption and scaling of a few geographically distributed organizations across various industries such as Telecom, Fintech, Entertainment, Gaming, Insurance as well as Machine Learning and AI.

She has written a book named Be Agile Remotely which she first published as an eBook in 2016. The revised version of her book will be published in 2020.

Molood's Talk: Be Agile Remotely

Dwight Eisenhower said, “planning is everything, the plan is nothing.”

One of the main things that agile has taught us, is that no plan goes accordingly. It is important that we organise, review and adapt the plan as changes occur.

With the current global health crisis many agile organizations have found themselves suddenly outside their plan, leading them to review their current way of working and adapt to a new way of working: remote work in agile.

Usually such large scale organizational changes are strategically planned, carefully designed and methodically implemented with help from experts. The recent transition to remote working however has happened so quickly and with so little time for deliberate planning and adjusting that the change may have created some level of added tension and chaos.

Working remotely might seem at first as simple as working from a “different” office. But soon - as you probably have experienced - people realize that they have to change the way they communicate and collaborate completely. And for many, this new way of life, the new way of work is proving to be challenging. Most people have never learned the mindset and skill set of remote communication and collaboration.

Molood has founded Remote Forever with the vision of bringing remote work to agile. In this inspirational talk, you will learn how to maintain your business agility while working remotely with the support of a growth mindset. It will challenge some of the assumptions you have about working remotely and will inspire you to upgrade your mindset and get ready to adapt to new ways of communicating with your coworkers. In the end, you will have ideas for actions you can take to be more effective at working agile remotely, as well as having a great time doing so.