Raquel Silva

ME: I’m a happy Scrum Master who loves work with teams. Have Happy and highly motivated teams is always my goal. Happiness and Motivation are never enough and keeping it always in the higher levels is my goal. So is constant work for me as a Scrum Master

Besides working with my teams, I help other Agile practitioners to improve by being committed to my work in the Agile Comunity - Meetups, Gatherings, Mentoring and coaching Scrum Masters and other Agile practitioners to be their best selves.

I love the simple things in life: like a walk in the Park, read and travel.

The Boring Stuff about me: Raquel is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO), a Certified Scrum Professional(CSP), ongoing application to Certified Team Coach (CTC) and also an active member of the Agile Community and ORSC Practitioner.

Raquel's Talk: The Four Horsemen of Toxic Behaviour

Toxic behaviours in a Team cause damage to the Team. Affecting their performance, causing high levels of stress and demotivation.

Conflict Navigation is one of the biggest challenges within the Teams. Can you help them to overcome this challenge? Are there any antidotes?