Ryan Dawson
      & Laura Edwards

Ryan Dawson is a passionate developer with an interest in software cultures and open source. He currently works at Seldon, providing tooling for machine learning deployments to Kubernetes (https://github.com/SeldonIO/seldon-core/). Ryan has been working in the Development scene in London across a variety of industries since 2007.

Laura is a Senior Product Manager at hotels.com and has been working in e-commerce and finance since 2009. Laura mixes strategy, detail and empathy to create customer-centric products & features.

Ryan and Laura's Talk: Maximising Teamwork in Delivering Software Products

Maximising teamwork has a big impact on effectiveness but it isn’t easy. It requires everyone to challenge themselves, come out of their silos, build trust and be disciplined about improvement. Some challenges are different for different roles. We’ll see routes to improvement for the team by looking at each role through the lens of its main biases and how to correct for them.