Agile Tour Brussels 2021

29 Oct - Brussels Time Online
The oldest agile conference in Brussels

About Agile Tour Brussels

Agile Tour Brussels is one of the biggest conferences about agility in Belgium.

We are a part of the Agile Tour, a series of non-profit events over several cities throughout October and December.

Over the years we welcomed speakers and participants from different continents.

The goal: to spread the agile values, principles and practices, to share experiences and to strengthen the community.

The talks and workshops should cover - but not only:

  • Agile Everywhere
  • Agile Management & Leadership
  • Coaching & Facilitation
  • Product Management
  • Technical Excellence
  • Trends

This year, with the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19, we had to innovate and the opportunity comes to us to make the conference online and open our talks to the whole planet! Join us this year to share your ideas and experiences with a vibrant community of Agile practitioners!

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We want to thank everyone who submitted a session.

We are now reviewing them and will announce soon announce the selected speakers.

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The following speakers have already been confirmed.

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Ralph van Roosmalen
The Netherlands

Session: Art of Teams
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Mun-Wai Chung

Session: Boldly go where other generations have not gone before
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Luca Minudel

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Amber Vanderburg

Session: Cultivating a Culture of Creativity, Collaboration, and Captainship!
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Koen Vastmans

Session: Build-Run-Improve-Repeat - How a game can help you learn about DevOps
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Agile Tour Brussels is free this year.