Jan van der burgt

I am passionate about teaching, product strategy and product management. I am full of energy when I get to organize sessions for stakeholders to come up with ideas, roadmaps, solutions for improving the "as-is" situation. I am often praised for my ability to connect multiple levels across organizations in aligning needs to go forward. Because of my experience as a teacher I have a tendency to teach the people I work with everything I know, instead of quickly doing it for them. This is reflected in my personal ‘Start with Why’ statement: I believe we can change the way people see the world. By helping them develop self-steering capabilities to become masters of their own learning journey. I do this by providing dynamic, engaging sessions and by continuously sharing all that I know.

Session: Dead to PowerPoint Led training sessions

Learn how to create a 15-minute training based on training from the back of the room principals

A pressure cooker session where we will create our own 4C Map for a training topic of your choosing. The session contains two parts: a pre-session scavenger hunt across the conference building and the actual session.

Full description

The idea of the session is to let participants experience how they could create a short learning session themselves by using training from the back of the room techniques. The main focus for this short session will be on creating a 4C map for a future training. In a nutshell, the 4Cs Map is a 4-step model (Connect,Concepts,Concrete practice and Conclusion). The model is used as an instructional design and delivery model that is based on how human beings naturally and normally learn. How will we achieve this: The session contains of to parts a pre session scavenger hunt across the conference building: this serves as a playfull opportunity to get acknowledged with the topics of the session at your own pace. ( if you can find them ) the actial session: we practice what we preach this session wil be organised according Training from the back of the room priciples and we will go through all the steps of a 4C map together. Goals of the session: End all suffering for learners during training sessions ( watch endless Power Points) Understanding the concept of the 4C map Remove PowerPoint from you laptop :p After following this session you will be able to: Create a 4C map for any future training

Outline or timetable

The idea is to organize this in two big parts Pre Session:Scavenger hunt how i see this happing: The idea here is to place 5-8 pieces of art hidden in plain sight across the building. This could be big flipcharts, a photo, smaller A3 or A4 papers explaining the topics 4C map and 6 trumps from Training from the back of the room. As we see often in a museum these 'pieces of art' will be accompanied by a Qr code or a small piece of text. The Qr code will lead to a small movie snippet, a short questionair or … All with the main goal of providing extra context about 'the art work' The main idea is offcourse that participants of this session in some way have found all of this pieces of information before the session starts. Thats why i would prefere to have at or near the end of the day.

Actual Session: