Dimitri Bauwens
and Dana Garcia

Dimitri Bauwens

Scrum Master/Team Lead with a background of development and several years of scrum mastering under the belt, I'm now helping teams reach their full potential as a teamlead development. The toolbox consists of story mapping, impact mapping ,visual facilitation, liberating structures, fostering close collaboration, and many more.

Dana Garcia

Gathering the underlying need, defining a product roadmap and seeing it being built is what I love. To come to that, I know how to break the tension and take the edges off a problem to find agreement between stakeholders. With a lot of energy I try out new things and approaches and I’m passionate about my work. At all times I try to keep an honest, open and clear communication to keep a grip on the expectations and its outcome. Whenever I can I try to carry out that passion, product thinking and principles towards other product owners or analysts and promote product ownership.

Session: Are we burning out our Product Owners?

Do you have the full bag of money to handle? or only the headaches?

In our vast experience of several years on the job, we noticed a strange pattern. Everywhere there are product owners. Who are they? What are they doing? What drives them? What does it make to have a good product owner? Not only in the job itself, but what about the surroundings? Let's find out together!

Full description

A product owner, what does that role mean? According to the scrum guide? or SAFe? Less? According to the managers who hire them? According to themselves? According to the team they serve (oh yeah, what team is that? The business? The developers? The team of analysts?) In this interactive session we try to discover the picture of an ideal product owner that lives in a nourishing environment.

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