Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
and Philippe Vandessel

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

I am a certified agile coach and a proud member of iLean.

Philippe Vandessel

In 2015 I participated in a Scrum team. This way of working was such a revelation and in the same time also a coming home. Finally all the pieces of the puzzle fell together. From that point on scrum and anything agile was the only way forward for me. Since that time, I have helped several teams in adopting agility step by step by facilitating a culture founded on collaboration, trust and continuous improvement.

Session: Team Growth Canvas

When the Scrum Master starts to drive growth in a team, like a Product Owner does this for the Product.

The session is aimed at Scrum Masters and Lean-Agile team coaches who want to learn about and use a tool to work more purposefully towards long-term team growth. The session is a discovery and hands-on session in which you will use the "Team Growth" canvas. You'll get the most out of this session in case you are currently working as a Scrum Master, team coach, or team lead, and you want to know how you can use Scrum as a framework to drive team growth initiatives toward a longer-term team goal.

Full description

When talking about retrospectives, we think about improvements. But what does that mean, "an improvement"? What is the higher purpose of an improvement? And what's the Scrum Master's (for non-Scrum teams: lean-agile team coach) accountability in this? The purpose of a retrospective is to have a momentum for team growth. What is the Scrum Master's role in this? To facilitate? Maybe coaching or advising? Yes, all of that. And now we are saying that a Scrum Master should also be a bit of … a Product Owner! You probably think: What? Never combine the Scrum Master and Product Owner role. Yes, that's true. We are talking about a different kind of ownership: team growth ownership. How can you use Scrum as a framework to drive team growth initiatives toward a longer-term team goal? What does a better version of the team mean? Let's look at Scrum and the Scrum Master's accountability from this perspective. Experience in a Scrum Team, continuous improvement initiatives, and retrospectives are prerequisites to participate. You will get the most out of this workshop if you are actively involved in enabling continuous improvement. Consider this session the next step in your agile journey as a Scrum Master. You will work on your team case using the Team Growth Canvas.

Outline or timetable

This workshop was also given at the Agile Consortium Belgium conference (23rd of May 2023), we will improve the session based on those experiences and the participant's feedback. We will deliver another instance of this workshop at iLean Agile Kitchen beginning of September. These experiences will help us to fine-tune the workshop further.