Katrien Van Schelvergem
and Joke Vandemaele

Katrien Van Schelvergem

Katrien Van Schelvergem brings a proven record of effective management in hierarchical environments together with a deep-seated passion for the agile approach. Her journey into the world of agility began in 2018 when she took on the role of Program & People Manager within the strategic transformation team at bpost NV. Since then, she has successfully guided multiple teams in adopting agile practices and has played a key role in various organizational agile transitions. When collaborating with teams and organizations, Katrien embodies a holistic approach: Heart: Katrien's resilience and unwavering drive shine through. She's dedicated to the relentless pursuit of agile principles, always with a keen focus on customer satisfaction and delivering rapid value. Her enthusiasm for teamwork fuels her, and she finds fulfillment in making a positive impact. Head: Katrien excels in connecting dots, spotting patterns, and uncovering root causes. Armed with a panoramic view, she crafts solutions that draw from best practices and insights from diverse experiences. This enables her to chart a value-centric course forward. Hands: Katrien's action-oriented mindset keeps progress on track, even during challenging periods. Her background in risk and audit equips her to proactively seek out risks and opportunities, addressing challenges before they escalate. Currently serving as an Agile Sales Coach at Belgium's largest bank, Katrien leverages her profound understanding of top-down structures and pragmatic agile business wisdom. Her unique blend of skills empowers her to guide management in cultivating an agile way of working that is both impactful and practical.

Joke Vandemaele

Joke is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance, an Agile Coach - ICF PCC certified and an experienced Product Owner with an MBA in Marketing Management. Joke works at Agilar. She worked many years in the software areas of companies and her early work in the area of visualizing conversation and decision making during collaborative refinement workshops is considered an important contribution to the agile community and has been recognized with awards, endorsements and invitations to speak at international conferences. A request from the manufacturing industry in 2014 set off several years of experimenting with the application of Scrum, Kanban and Visual Management outside of the software product development domain. She is passionate about applying Agile approaches to anything from process improvement and change initiatives to family organisation. She is co-author of VIMA: the agile method for business teams and personal agility.

Session: When the agile magic happens …

A life-changing testimonial of a business transformation using different agile frameworks and practices. For everybody who is looking for practical tools and insights on how to let agility grow in an organization outside IT.

How to succeed in breaking business silos? Is scrum the right fit for a high-volume production line? How to ensure product development and the production line stay aligned and coordinated? How to introduce agility in different regions at the same time? These and more questions Katrien and Joke will answer during this session. Between 2018 and 2020 they supported a transformation at a large Belgian company as agile catalysts. This transformation included all the products and services and resulted in significant changes in the production line and distribution chains. Given its complexity and the time-pressure to make it happen, the program leader called Agilar for help and to add agile to the program. They will share their lessons learned, a source of practical dos and don’ts to make agile work in a business context.